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Tezos Giga Node

Your reliable public infrastructure

Mainnet (v11.0.0 - PtHangz2)
Testnet (v11.0.0 - PtHangz2)

Giga Node For All

We built a reliable, secure, fault-tolerant, robust and geographically distributed infrastructure that capable of processing most of the day-to-day operations on the Tezos network including the peak times at the beginning of each cycle.

Moreover, this will simplify the onboarding process for all new dApps and services that are planned to be migrated or built on Tezos.

In essence, the idea that we have in mind is to turn the GigaNode into a fully decentralized solution, which will be given back to the community once it is finished, while completely removing Tezos Ukraine as a single point of failure.


Who we are

Everstake created the organization Tezos Ukraine which is deeply committed to supporting the Tezos network by developing a variety of useful analytics tools and extending public infrastructure that boosts Tezos technology mass adoption.

We always try to implement the best industry practices in all things. Thereby, our customer support team and our experienced DevOps engineers work around the clock, ensuring that all systems are up and running smoothly.


Our team uses only proven solutions and providers, that allowed us to create a cluster consisting of 17 Tezos Full Archive Nodes (11 mainnet, 5 testnet, 1 for new protocol) based on such technologies as Nginx, Haproxy, Graphana, Prometheus, and Munin.

By leveraging backup power supplies, a fully redundant network, RAID disk towers and backups, monitoring and alerting systems, we deliver high uptime and complete reliability without a single point of failure.


Tezos Archive Full
Node As a Service (NaaS)

We can easily deploy a Tezos Archive Full Node as a service that fits your requirements and needs.

The extensive experience of our specialists allows us to create the necessary infrastructure in no time while maintaining it further for you.

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We are excited to introduce GIGANODE IPFS Gateway, an easy way to access content from the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). We hope that our gateway, hosted at infrastructure, will serve as the platform for many new highly-reliable and security-enhanced web applications.


We are providing access to daily tezos snapshots (full and rolling) via IPFS and web.




Start Using Now

Tezos Wallet Command Line Interface (CLI)

The easiest way to modify the node you are connecting to across many wallets is definitely Tezos CLI wallet. In order to change your current node please open your client config file nano .tezos-client/config, modifying the following variables:

  1. "node_addr": ""
  2. "node_port": 443
  3. "tls": true

Galleon Preview Wallet

Make sure to download the version from official Galleon Preview GitHub.

On the Galleon GitHub page scroll down and pick the latest Galleon Preview release corresponding to your operating system.

Galleon versions

Open Galleon Preview and from the main menu click on the ‘Settings’ button in the top right corner.

TezBox Chrome Wallet Settings

Find ‘Choose a different node’ section.

Click on the dropdown menu and choose ‘Tezos Mainnet ( +’

TezBox Chrome Wallet Settings

Tezos Giga Node is now selected and you can return to using your Galleon Preview Wallet.

TezBox Chrome Wallet Settings

Tezos native client


$ tezos-client -S -A -P 443 rpc get /chains/main/blocks/head/protocols
$ tezos-client -S -A -P 443 rpc get /chains/main/blocks/head/protocols



$ curl
$ curl



$ wget -O -
$ wget -O -